6 products I found when living with my mom

They say mother knows best, and I must agree.  We moved in with my parents after our house fire so we could rebuild the house. We have been here for 6 months now. My mother has some great things at her house that I will definitely be copying when our house is rebuilt.

The first thing I fell in love with were these frying pans.  Eggs don’t cake to the walls of these pans.  They are non-stick without the risk of that nasty black coating flaking off into your food, like the old non-stick pans. I use these pans for everything I cook here. They are heavy and transfer the heat well. They clean up so easily and always look nice.

Boys bathroom spray is a lifesaver for anyone who has boys that pee! I have 3 little boys, but even the big boy can’t always aim perfectly into the toilet. In my old house, I was constantly fighting the smell of urine. I would clean around the toilet floor often, but the smell always came back.  My mom had this bottle of boys bathroom spray at her house that she swears was why her bathrooms always stayed nice, in spite of having 7 grandsons. So I have been using it in our bathroom here and it has made a huge difference. I don’t know whats in this stuff but it is all natural, in a cute bottle, smells amazing, and gets rid of the stinkiness! It is definitely worth getting!

My mom is a great cook. And is against fake mashed potatoes. As we were raving about the mashed potatoes she made one night, she let us in on a little secret.  She said they were dehydrated potato flakes. I couldn’t believe it. They were so buttery and flavorful. I used to make flaked mashed potatoes in college because they were cheap and easy. I remember how they were almost like glue instead of food. But these had a fluffiness to them that boasted,  fresh homemade whipped potatoes. I may never boil and mash another potato again.  Even for Thanksgiving…they are that good.

Speaking of foods, Have you tried Noosa yogurt? Costco sells in small containers at a good price. But the normal grocery stores sell the normal size that is kinda big but oh so worth it. The ratios are much better in the non-Costco size. You have to try the lemon flavor. It has the creamiest yogurt on the top then the bottom has a sweet yet tangy lemon curd on the bottom. I do not mix them together. I just try to get a bit of both in each spoonful. I eat it slow and savor every bite. It is a bit expensive for yogurt but it has quality ingredients and is sooo worth every penny. I eat it more as a dessert or treat. It is not something I can afford to eat every breakfast. Try it, You will be in heaven.

My parents have an electric stove and I am used to my gas stoves. So it has been a major adjustment for me to get used to how slow the stove heats up. It takes forever to boil some water for tea, or spaghetti. Enter the Electric Tea Pot. My mom showed me her fast methods. She always has her electric teapot sitting on her counter. She uses it to boil water for anything. It is SO fast! When we get back into our house and have our gas stove back. I will still get one of these electric teapots to use every morning. I can make myself my morning hot lemon water and cayenne drink and the kids their hot chocolates in under 2 min. It is awesome!

When it is warm outside, we love to eat out on the patio. My mom has a brilliant outdoor setup. She keeps a rack next to the patio tables that has this cute piece that holds all the paper plates, plastic-ware and plastic cups. Then she keeps it clean by putting it in a zip-up plastic bag (like the ones your sheets or a blanket would come in). So when we go out to eat, we have everything we need out there already. It makes set up and clean up for outdoor dinners so simple.

I keep finding more and more great things as I live with my parents. Their years of experience and the time they take to research things is definitely benefiting me and my family. I hope you benefit from these few products as well.

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