When it all went up in Smoke

Our kids have wanted hoverboards forever. We heard they could be dangerous but all their friends had them and hadn’t had any problems. When prices went down this Christmas we researched and found a company that didn’t have any fire incidences and bought 2 hover boards. We thought we would be fine. What are the chances something like that would bee happen to us?

On May 25th 2017, one plugged in my sons room started a fire. We had recently left the home, thank heavens.  It was one of the last days of school. Daxton didn’t want to go to school. We went back and forth about it all morning. I tried to make it no fun by having him do jobs but he still wanted to stay. So the plan was he was staying home all day. I had a meeting I needed to go to at 1 pm. I normally would just leave McKailey with him since I was only going to be 45 min and I was just going to be around the corner. They could watch cartoons in my room (only tv in the house because of the remodel) and they’d be happy while I was gone. But as I was walking out the door I said “You either do the dishes or go to school.” It just came out. I didn’t really want to wait to see if he would do the dishes. I didn’t really want to be late by taking him to school. But the words came out of my mouth. Daxton said, “ok, I will go to school.” So we all jumped in the car and were gone.

Our painter showed up and went inside to finish up our beautiful 6 month remodel of the whole house. He started working and didn’t notice a thing. In just 10 minutes of being there, he passed out from fumes he couldn’t smell. Luckily he was on the phone and was awoken by his brother on the line. He ran out and alerted the neighbors to call 911 and Brett who was working at West Valley Fire Station. 

As I was sitting at my primary presidency meeting around the corner, we smelled the smoke and heard the sirens. We looked outside and decided we better go see what was happening.  We all (4 women and 3 kids) pile into our big van and I don’t drive far before I saw the firetrucks blocking my street. Then I see they are all centered around my house. I put the car in park in the middle of the road and assumed my friends would take care of it and McKailey, as I sprinted to the house. I panicked as my brain forgot the detail that i dropped Daxton off at school only a half hour earlier. I yelled “Daxton is in there” a few times as I approached the grass at full speed. The firefighters started to holler and move quicker.

And then came a wave of relief, I slowed and remembered. I knew in that moment that we were divinely protected that day. I knew that my kids were safe and we could handle this fire just fine. We made some calls and made sure the rest of kids were accounted for and had rides home from school.

Meanwhile, Brett got the call from the neighbors saying the house was on fire and that we couldn’t find Kyler. Kyler had called for a ride home before the fire but I told him I was in a meeting and to walk home. I was pretty sure he couldn’t walk home fast enough to have made it inside. But he sped home and made the 40 minute drive in 18 minutes.

The firefighters worked, we answered lots of questions from the fire marshal, friends and family showed up offering love and support. The fire engulfed Kylers room and scorched and smoke damaged the entire basement. It broke out his window and then climbed up into the attic.  The attic was completely burned. The water the put into the attic made the ceiling fall onto most of the main level. So the entire house and contents was burnt or damaged. Crazy. The rest is all a blur…  but here is a link to the news clip Fox 13 News did that day.

News clip of our fire

Today I have all my kids with me! I am so grateful for that! I know that 2 of my cuties probably wouldn’t be with me today had they been home. The way co2 moved up before the smell, which made my our painter pass out. They would have been in the room directly above where the fire started. They wouldn’t have had a chance to run out. They wouldn’t have had a chance to run out.

I know and Daxton will even tell you that we were divinely led that morning. It is no coincidence that he happened to choose to go to school right before the fire started. I thank God every minute that I have all my kids. And it gives me strength to know that this experience is a blessing that will put us in a better place in the long run.

Today I am so grateful! Grateful to have my kids safe and sound with me. Grateful for the Holy Ghost directing us to change plans so no one was home when our house caught fire. Grateful for amazing friends, neighbors and strangers who have given time, clothes, toys, and food to us so we could settle into a hotel quicker and easier. I will never know who did what, but Just know we greatly appreciate the love we have felt from everyone.

Be Still… when the fire was out and they let us walk through we noticed a wall hanging that survived and was propped up with the sunshine shining on it. Illuminating its message. Be still. At the same time my friend walked up with some earrings she wanted to give me. They had the same 2 words on them. We feel that this is on purpose from our Heavenly Father. Saying it’s ok. I am here watching over and protecting you and what you love. Be still and let me guide the future.

It’s amazing how our focus can change in a matter of minutes. All the things we have collected over the years, the remodel we almost finished, non of it matters. We have our family together safe. We have love and support from amazing people. And most of all we have the watchful eye from our Heavenly Father. I feel safe and secure. We have had SO many obvious signs and strong feelings from God and I hope and plan to share these here. As a journal for me and my family and to also let others know they are also loved and guided by their Creator and if they can Be Still for a moment they will see his hand in their own lives.

I will also be sharing our adventures after this fire. Because wanted and unwanted “adventures” are a blessing and a lesson from him.

Last but not least, may I suggest if you have hover boards plug them outside or somewhere you don’t mind losing. I don’t think we will ever replace ours.

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