Learning to Recieve

The hardest thing about our housefire wasn’t losing our house. It was being humble enough to accept all the love and support that was offered to us. Immediately friends and neighbors were bringing us food and clothes. After the fire was out and the crews left the site, we were headed to a hotel to sleep. Our van was full of these gifts. We didn’t have to worry about what our kids would sleep in or if they would have clothes to wear the next day. We even had swimsuits so they could play in the hotel pool. We couldn’t believe how quick and generous everyone was. They did the thinking before we had to. It was amazing.

As the days went on, we received more and more gifts. More food, handme downs, money and gift cards. Every time someone gave us something I would cry because I was so touched by their generosity but also because I felt guilty accepting their gift. I would say, “We have insurance. We will be okay.” I had a couple friends reinforce that fact to me that it is our turn to receive and it is a beautiful to graciously receive. Then when we are in a better position, we can just pay it forward and give to someone else. From then on, I decided it was okay to accept their gifts and I still did so with tears of gratitude.


The items and money helped us get some immediate needs taken care of, but most of all it lifted us up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It taught us that humanity is beautiful and that people are good and loving. Their love and support buoyed us up and kept us going each day.

After the fire we only had the clothes on our back. When we moved out of the hotel just a week after the fire, we had more than we could carry. More than would fit on a cart. We felt so loved and abundant.

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It just goes to show you that God provides. The universe is abundant and we need not cling to things in fear that we wont have enough. Without any effort or searching, we had all our needs met by Gods servants. When I say Gods servants, I am not talking about our church. I am talking about everyday people who had a feeling or desire to serve and assist someone. The people who stepped all have different beliefs and were not asked to serve by the church. They acted on their own God given urge and quickly we were provided for. God provides for all of our needs in all different ways and people. It is beautiful.

After a few weeks we felt we needed to get our kids out of the negative energy surrounding our burnt house. So we took them on a cross-country road trip to do and see some fun things. I was blown away when people wanted to continue to give to us.  I couldn’t believe that someone would not just be concerned for our survival needs but also for our wants and smiles.

I used to feel that if I accepted help it meant I was weak or that the person would think I was selfish or taking advantage of them. And let’s be honest. Who wants to live in a world where anything you offer is pushed back and not received? Who wants to live in a society where you are expected to offer help and then expect the other person to say no thanks.  It is just silly. So I realize now that, I can help change that way of thinking. I can accept and give freely.

I have learned now that there is beauty in receiving what is offered. It isn’t selfish. It isn’t taking advantage of people. People won’t give if they don’t want to. If they feel that someone is taking advantage, then they wont give. So now I just say Thank You and then look for ways I can pay it forward. And with all the natural disasters going on right now, it isn’t hard to find somewhere to give. There are so many people I don’t even know that can use my assistance.

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I have tried to thank everyone who helped us but I know there is a lot of things that happened to assist us that we didn’t even know who did it. So to everyone who helped and supported us, THANK YOU! I cannot express how much that meant to us and how much it taught us. You wrapped us up in love and held our chins up when we couldn’t. Thank You!

So now I challenge all of you readers. Try it for a month. Anything that is offered to you., Big or Small. Even if it is just a glass of water or stick of gum. Say “Thank You” and take it. Don’t judge yourself or others for the exchange. Honestly try to enjoy the gift. Then if you have extra or have an opportunity to give to someone else, then do it. Give and Receive often and freely.   Who will join me? Comment Below about your experiences with this. I am very interested to hear from you all.

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