Are you Prepared for a Fire?

YES, we were prepared for the fire.  Not in the way you’d think though. I am more of a free spirit. When people say to prepare for an emergency, I think it will never happen to me. We never made a fire plan with our kids. We only had fire alarms where the previous home owners left them. We had homeowners insurance but didn’t know if it was enough or not. We are not the prepared type. We are the survive type.  We were just trying to keep up with work and kids. We hadn’t thought about the what ifs.

So, how were we prepared then? Well, Little things just sort of happened right before the fire that set us up to be okay. The universe aligned for our best interest while we blindly continued on with our normal hustle.

We were just finishing up a complete remodel of the house. Our painter had the cabinets in the dining room covered in plastic. All of our scrapbooks and baby books were in those cupboards. The plastic protected our precious memories from all the water they dumped into the house to put out the fire. I mentioned that to my painter the day after the fire and he said that he had meant to pull the plastic down the day before thfire, but decided to just leave it up. Miracle!

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We had always wanted/needed a gun safe.  Brett has a couple guns. I personally am a bit scared of guns. So I wanted them out of the house or put in a safe. As we finished up the remodel and were decorating the office, we made a space for a gun safe. It was delivered a couple days before the fire. We put some important papers and valuables inside because we were excited to use it. So we had all our birth certificates, insurance policies, passports in a safe place.  All of our other office papers got totally soaked and couldn’t be read. Miraculously Prepared!

This last year I had been doing a lot of computer work for my Body and Life Transformation business. I had written a lot of programs that hadn’t been launched. Hours and Hours of work and lots of potential success is on my laptop.  I was ordering something online the day before the fire, so I walked my laptop out to my car so I could get my credit card from my purse.  As I was out there, my alarm to pick up the kids from school went off, so I put my laptop in the center console and drove away. I forgot and left it there. So today I type this blog post on my original laptop and I still have all my documents and many hours of work saved and usable. Miraculously Prepared.

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Brett bought me a beautiful ring a few years ago. I always wear it on my right hand and love it. One day the amythist stone fell out. I had a warranty on it, so I set it on my bathroom counter and planned to take it in to get fixed. Months and months and months passed and I just kept forgetting to take it in.  It even sat on that bathroom counter throughout the whole remodel. The master bed and bath were where we were all living while the rest of the house was a construction zone. During the fire, the ceiling of that room totally burnt and collapsed. It covered the whole room in 2 feet of burnt rubble and then was soaked by the fire hose. So finding anything especially small things would be like finding a needle in a hay stack. A couple days after the fire, I got a call from the jewler, telling me my ring was finished. I had dropped it off to get fixed a week before the fire. Miraculously Prepared!

And most importantly…I often leave my kids home alone while I run errands. Daxton, didn’t want to go to the last day of school. He had already missed half the day.  I had a meeting at 1 pm and was kinda glad he was home, so I could leave my 4 yr old with him.  I was walking out the door and saw him playing the tablet. I said, “You either do the dishes or go to school.” He said,”Fine, I will go to school.”  I was kinda bugged that I now had to be late to my meeting by taking him to school but chose to do it anyway.  We all left the house and within half hour the hoverboard battery exploded and started the fire. My kids were not there! Miraculously Prepared!

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I am not one to live in fear. I am not going over prepare for what might happen in the future. But if I will do what I can to prepare for an emergency (as long as it doesn’t hold us back from our happiness and goals for the bright future that I know is ahead.) But I know from experience that the Universe aligns for my best interest and if I listen and act on those gut feelings, I will be prepared for whatever lays ahead.

Comment below and tell us how you feel about being Preppers.

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