Fall Hike Challenge

In the spirit of Autumn Leaves and all things Fall, I challenge you all to get out into nature and absorb all this season has to offer. Go walk through it, become part of it. You will be better because of it. Physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As the weather turns cooler we are granted a beautiful gift. The leaves turn colors and transform the outdoor world. The reds, yellows, greens, and browns that take over and commingle are a treat to the eyes. They speak to the soul.

The trees let go of their leaves in the fall. While hiking, ponder on how this relates to your life. By letting go of its leaves the tree releases what is a burden and makes space for new buds and new life. In life we get the opportunity to mirror this in our own lives. It is okay and naturally expected for us to let of of things that burden us to make room for new beautiful pieces of our lives.

In Autumn, the light and dark hours begin to balance. Our 24 hour cycle is equal, 12 hours of lightness and 12 hours of darkness. This is a great reminder to balance the light and darkness within us. Although we all love light, we cannot appreciate it without the darkness. As the days shorten you will naturally miss it on the ever important Vitmain D that comes from the sun. By getting outside in the sunlight you will keep your Vitamin D levels up throughout fall.

The fall also reminds us that nothing is permanent. We will not have, do or be anything forever. It is a great reminder to spend quality time with the people or things we love because we are not guaranteed to have the option tomorrow. This is good news. Because, if there are situations that are hard and challenging for you, you have a great reminder that nothing lasts forever.

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful time of year. Join us in this Fall Hike challenge. For the next 6 weeks go hike in the trees at least once a week. Notice how the scenery changes from week to week. Take time to meditate on how the beautiful season mirrors the seasons of life. Take in all this season has to offer.

Schedule in advance when you will go and who will go with. Make it a priority. Please leave us a comment and share your experiences.

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